MILAGRO (noun) - 1. Spanish word for miracle; 2. a votive/healing and religious altar charm used for good luck and protection in Mexico and parts of the American Southwest.


HELLO! I'm Teresa, an Atlanta-based freelance food writer and recipe developer. I've written about: the history of the Chili Queens of San Antonio, Mexico's preferred tequila drink, the La Paloma, the country's first pop-up vineyard in the heart of Midtown ATL; this article on the cultural impact of Food Network's Chopped is one of my faves, and this short piece on my relationship with both wine and true crime is another.

With recipes I found structure and order in my life; developing recipes gives me an edible creative outlet. I love using savory ingredients like brown butter + chipotle in the base of a loaf cake, for example. Using the Mexican flavors I grew up eating and drinking (think: Michelada cupcakes) in baking projects feels like pure self-expression. I've developed recipes for MUNCHIES VICE, an indie book publisher, Refinery29, and Brandless.

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